Duck UFO Raincoat

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Well.. it's a bit of both. The Duck UFO raincoat is the one thing that you didn't know you needed for your little one! 

Aside from stopping traffic, inducing belly laughs and being a whole lot of fun, the UFO Duck raincoat is great for adventures in the rain. The diameter shields your little one from the rain with the hood protecting their head from getting wet too. This clever little Raincoat is held into place with two straps that go under the arms to ensure it stays put and that your little one doesn't take off (like an actual UFO) in the breeze.

Bonus advantage: keeps backpack that your little one might be wearing dry too as they don't have to wear it over the top, as with other standard (and lets face it, extremely boring) rain coats.

Get ready for fun in the rain!

Good to know:

  • Folds down into a very small, compact circle which pops up like a tent!
  • Comes with a little carry bag

The sizing for this garment is pretty flexible, use the Contact us form for more information. 

If you were wondering, One Size size may fit some adults... I said may! 

You do you, I won't judge.