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Why does Boofy not organise children's clothes into baby 'boys' and 'girls'?

The very simple and short answer is that separating stock into 'boys and girls' did not come up in any part of the process of building Boofy. In fact, it would have been difficult to assign designs as boys and some designs as girls than to leave all stock together to begin with. For example, where would the dinosaur covered dress go? Where would the cream ruffle sailor romper go? Do boys or girls like fluffy teddy bear jackets more?

In the very early days, before I'd really launched Boofy I began by pulling stock together to create collections. This involved looking at essentially thousands of designs then narrowing it down to around 30 designs to launch the website with. At no point in this time had the manufacturers categorised their clothes into 'boys' and 'girls', so I picked freely based on a variety of colours and styles to match the upcoming season that I was launching for (which happened to be Spring 2017).

When the time came to organise clothes for visitors, I like most retailers, created categories for size and categories product type such as tops, skirts, bottoms. For each product, I needed to write a description, as I write all the copy for Boofy. This is when I really realised myself, for the first time, consciously not to use gender pronouns in my description because it didn't make sense. Why would I write 'Your little girl' will love this butterfly cape, if your little boy might love it too?

Other items that are best sellers, and I have sold from the beginning include the Rainbow Roar Lion Sweater. A bright yellow sweater that is just generally loved by children because it is so fun. How would I then categorise this sweater if I had to organise things by 'boys' and 'girls'. I suppose that I could just include it in both categories, but if this is true for all my stock, then gender categories become obselete anyway.

I hope that you can see where I am going with this, I haven't separated things by 'boy' and 'girl' because it simply doesn't apply . I cannot speak for other retailers, or other parents, or even other children, that's just the way it is here.

Within the first few weeks of trading, I could see the regularly used search terms were 'boys' and 'girls' on the website. I didn't want to make a fanfare about being gender neutral, or a big deal about not using gender to categorise children's clothing, I just wanted it to be this way here and for it to feel natural, not strange for shoppers.

I remember walking into a Scandinavian children's clothes shop a few years ago that had signs hanging from the ceiling that explicitly explained that stock is not categorised by gender. It was quite the feeling to walk in and float from rail to rail whilst thinking of my nephew. Everything was always a possibility for him to wear of course, but now everything really felt like a possibility, there was no invisible barrier into the girls section!

If you searched 'boys' or 'girls' on the website and that's how you found this post, I'm sorry that the solution is not as simple and satisfying as you'd hoped for. I suppose I'd like you to think for a moment why you've searched that term. Is it because you're looking for something specifically in pink, or in blue? You can search for that, and lot's of cute things will come up. Did you instinctively pull away a garment in a 'boyish colour' because you're buying for a little girl, and that's why you searched 'girls'? Did you think about what they might like and enjoy wearing?

I didn't find a subtle way around site visitors searching for 'boys' and 'girls' and there being no results, now it will link to this blog post, which I hope answers your search more thoroughly.

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