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Where can I buy childrens clothes that are bright, fun and funky in the UK ?

Boofy has been clothing the coolest children in the UK for just about a year now and what fun it has been! Bright rainbow colours, funky designs, gender neutral childrens clothes that are affordable and shipped from the UK. Boofy is just one small shop, run by one person, me ! As a small business, I do not have an infinite budget for stock buying, so I understand that maybe you love Boofy's stock but that you are looking for more ! More sizes, more designs and more quirky baby clothes sellers in the UK.

These are my hand picked top favourites, not just because of the super cool, funky and fun children's clothing that they sell, but because I buy from these people to clothe the adorable little people in my life too! So when I say that I really like their stuff, I mean it!

Lil cubs
I've bought from this ace mama before to clothe my nephew and niece ! From adorable Penguin leggings, to rainbow, chevron stripes on sleepsuits and retro lollies there's so much fun to be had with these bright and adorable cotton pieces. Follow the lilcubs Instagram for fab coupon codes and funny tidbits and visit lilcubs.com to shop

Toby Tiger
If organic is your priority, Toby Tiger has been selling bright and organic children's clothes since 1998! The collections are so fun, bright and bold patterns with simple designs that have a cute and baby-ish touch to them.

Kite Clothing
A home grown company from Dorset that make precious and fun bright clothing. I'm partial to the underwater themed garments, including this gorgeous knitted whale sweater. The range of sizes are great (0-11 years) but, they do categorise their clothing by "Boys" and "Girls", so if this is off putting for you then check out our other recommendations

Honourable mentions that nearly made it to the list:

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