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When to buy clothes for a new baby?

The question of when to first buy clothes for a newborn baby crosses the mind of every mum-to-be and poses something of a superstition filled dilemma. On the one hand, there is a desire to want to want to express the initial excitement  of a pregnancy through materialising it with..well, material! On the other hand, there's the fear of jinxing the pregnancy as though getting excited too soon and imagining the prospect of a newborn could somehow tempt fate and risk the health of your unborn baby.

In attempt to better understand the thought process behind the first baby clothes purchase, I created a poll on Instagram @boofy.co.uk : 'When did you first buy clothes for your little one?' With two possible answers, either 'ASAP' or 'I waited a while' 

(There was also the option to message me if you felt that neither of those options fitted you and I will always be open to message me regarding this no matter how far into the future that you are reading this blog post!)

The poll ran for 24 hours and the results came out as 80% of participants (some of whom may be reading this now, thank you!) 'waited a while' before making their first baby clothes purchases. 

I'd chosen a vague answer 'a while' as one of the options as the most important thing that I wanted to learn is whether it is a conscious decision in the mind of most parents is that they should make an effort to refrain from buying any baby clothes too soon.

The reasons for waiting before making the first baby clothes purchases may begin with a superstition but are, as it seems, much more extensive to include knowledge that the parents will be gifted a lot of clothes between 0-6 Months, wanting to find out the gender of the baby first (though this concept of blue for boys and pink for girls is becoming increasingly irrelevant!), not knowing what to buy or even not needing to buy much because of lots of great hand-me-downs.

With this information I can better determine the audience that buys from me. The smaller sizes (under 12 months) from Boofy are usually bought  mostly by close relatives and friends who want to buy a gift for the new arrival . Whereas pregnant parents are more likely to pick up a few staple items (plain white vests... not Boofys specialty I must admit) and have a modest expectation that others will pick up the fun and quirky children's clothing and adorable outfits for little ones first six months.

Taking into consideration relatives generosity, superstitions and feelings of overwhelm that may take time to subside most parents claimed to wait 'a while' and this meant as a general rule from the first scan onwards as this is typically seen as the 'safe' period. Though this helps us to better understand when *most* first buy clothes for a new baby, the crux of the answer is: Whenever you want to! There are no rules, only generalisations.

When purchasing clothes for your new baby here are some things to keep in mind:

- Keep it simple for newborn clothes (outfits are fiddly and babygros are simple)

-Expect gifts and hand-me-downs that may leave your little one with too many clothes to wear for the first 6 months at least.

- When buying clothes that are size 6months+, count the months from the day of purchase to anticipate the season. Whatever the weather is that day, it will be the opposite in 6 months time, so that cute summer top, or thick, fleecy pram suit may not get a single wear.

-Buy out of season up to a year ahead to allow for sensible planning without hoarding.

-Forget thinking about clothes in terms of 'this' for boys and 'that' for girls. Colours are colours and baby's look great in them all!

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