About the 'C' word - Boofy is still operating as usual with FREE tracked postage for UK orders of £25+

What's new at Boofy for 2019?

2018 finished with a bang for Boofy, it was the best final quarter that I have had and Black Friday almost stripped the shelves of stock. This was music to my little independant business owner heart, so thank you very much for your support.

I am fast approaching year #2 of running Boofy and until this point the format has been more or less the same, except for an ever changing influx of cuter and cuter children's clothing designs. 

I've outlined on Social media already the changes that are going to take place (or already have, as we're into January now) and will add on some bonus thoughts to the end that I haven't 100% figured out how to implement yet.

The Changes

1. Free Tracked Shipping is available in the UK on orders of £25+ 

I am able to offer this as I dispatch (within 24 hours, usually less) from the UK and on higher orders I can absorb the tracked postage cost myself. 

P.S Did you know that I have never ever had a package go missing, in almost 2 years of packing and posting orders from home in the south east of England?!


2. More sizes for every design

Is there anything more annoying than items being sold out in every size except yours? I hear you, this year I am prioritising quantity of stock of one design over the number of different designs that I sell. Please note that designs will still sell out! Boofy sells some crazy, unique, fun stuff so of course some pieces sell out immediately no matter how many I have in stock. Please take into account that this is a one woman show, I store all the stock in my home and always have limited quantities, as is the nature of small and independant businesses!


3.New collections that are even more Boofy

When picking new stock, I am always thinking of the two words 'adorable', 'affordable' and I think that this is reflected in the price point for all designs. But there are some Boofy customers that are able to pay a little extra for even more eccentric and flamboyant designs. Previously I've shied away from designs with all the extra bells and whistles because I would have to charge £17- £30 for them.

I've since realised that there are shoppers on my website that would be able to pay a little bit more for something extra special.


4. Rainbow Roar sweater is no more

I love those Lion jumpers, they've carried Boofy through, but after their success it's time to prioritise other designs to keep Boofy exciting. There may be restocks of this design occasionally in the future, but I haven't set a date. Newsletter sign ups will hear about this first !


Focuses for improvement

These are areas that I want to change in the future but there's still work to do behind the scenes to get them going.

1. Improve trust with site visitors - I think that most people visiting the website for the first time who hadn't encountered me on Social Media would think that Boofy is a much bigger operation than it is, potentially even international. I want to make it a priority that every site visitor knows:

Boofy is based in the South East of England

It is a small, independant business ran by me

Orders are dispatched from the UK

Orders are dispatched quickly (usually within 24 hours)

Orders arrive quickly (3 days on average)


2. Improve aesthetics of the website

This is an ongoing focus of mine anyway, but specifically the size and design of pictures. I like every garment to have a clean white background, but some older stock was photographed slightly differently at the time and is on a grey background which spoils the overall aesthetic. It's time to clear out and keeps thinks concise!


3.Add reviews - Amazon wouldn't be as good without them, so it's time that I took a leaf out of their book and encourage reviews on Trustpilot and Boofy's Facebook page.


4.Expand the gallery- Nothing makes me giddier than pictures of your little ones in their Boofy stock, more of this can only be a good one. I can feature them on the Homepage so that browsers can see how Boofy their little ones could look too!

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