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What is the Baby Mop ?

We are delighted to be selling The Baby Mop in Red & Cream colour and Blue & Orange colour. The Baby Mop is in stock in size 9-12 Months and 12-18 Months. Yes, it is a real product with it's origins in Japan and you can buy it here! The Baby Mop began life as a spoof design but was quickly picked up for it's ingenuity and manufactured into a real invention. The Baby Mop combines the traditional design of a onesie with the fibers of a mop. The mop aspect is attached to the arms, legs, stomach and back so that as Baby crawls they are unknowingly mopping the floor along the way!

Of course, this design should be taken in good humor and is a crowd pleaser- making it an ideal gift for new parents and baby showers! This little invention is highly instagrammable, original and hilarious in action. Boofy buyers can appreciate the extraordinary, unusual and unseen on the High Street so we felt that this product just fit the bill perfectly, and after we'd inspected the quality of The Baby Mop we couldn't resist it!

The Baby Mop is made with soft quality cotton, of the same High Standard that you'd expect of any Boofy Baby onesie with soft mop microfibres, they are odourless and of course chemical free. The Baby Mop is designed with popper closure along the back for easy dressing and changing, it can be pulled on over a vest as an overall, or worn by itself. The Baby Mop is functional and quality baby product with a design that has derived from a novelty idea that we hope tickles you as much as it has us. Read more detailed product specifications about The Baby Mop here including measurements, customer photos and product closeups


Watch The Baby Mop in action here:

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