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What are gender neutral nursery colours?

Many parents and carers decorate a childs nursery  with some consideration to the the prediction of the sex of the baby by the ultrasound technician. Parents may not know it, but by choosing alternatives to ‘pink and blue’ in nursery decor, they are part of a powerful change that helps how their child will grow up to view colour. This helps to disassociate colours from gender

Decor can go down a conventional or original route. Increasingly, expectant parents are looking for more diverse options for their children. Parents could turn their back on the ‘pink or blue walls’ decision may be due to one of the following reasons:

1) A room is being decorated for more than one child to share, both boys and girls

2) The expectant parents are waiting to find out if they are having a baby boy or girl

3) The traditional options of blue or pink are too predictable

4) The expectant parents are aware that picking nursery paint colours based on the sex of the baby is about as relevant as picking kitchen paint colours based on the weather tomorrow.

If any of the above applies to you then enjoy these gender neutral baby decor alternatives that can look simply lovely and be so much more refreshing than pastel pink or baby blue.

Mint green evokes a clean and fresh feeling as it creates imagery such as a crisp apple or a new leaf. It's gentle and calming while still being fun.

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A very, very soft yellow and grey mixture. A yellow wall that is lighter than butter, closer to the colour of vanilla milkshake. Warm, neutral and natural. The grey adds a modern twist, however if you dodn't like grey then a very very pale yellow matches well with wooden furniture too.

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A lilac feature wall. Whether you want to imagine an endless lavender field or a milky night sky, a single purple accent wall with white furniture is a spellbinding, dreamy combination.

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Rainbow. Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one! Creamy walls with rainbow accents is a dream come true for bright, happy, fun nurseries. Magnolia needn’t be a bore and the neutral wall colour will ensure that the decor is not too busy or overwhelming. A rainbow rug, rainbow coloured handles on a dresser, rainbow wooden toys will inject rainbow fun

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