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The most popular Boofy Blog Posts of 2018

I have a whale of a time digging for topics to write about on the Boofy blog. If I am getting to know a new website that I haven't shopped from before, the blog is a great place to start to get a feel for the shop ethos.

If you're new to Boofy, I hope that the blog gives you a great insight into not only how I run the shop day-to- day with posts like this but also on the matters that are important generally, such as the time wasting exercise of shops separating children's clothes into boys and girls sections.If you were wondering about that, you can read it here

I have even been known to get a little bit ranty and wrote about the problem with messages to shops asking for freebies... If you were thinking about doing that, and I'm not saying that you were or anything, but you might want to take a look at this blog post first.

Finally, I've published some practical ones, including what to do when something that you like on the website is sold out. You can read about that here

But now,

onto the top most popular blog posts of 2018

In third place, is 'What is the Baby Mop?' and I understand why! People are naturally curious about the most hilarious onesie that there ever was. If you were wondering, you can read all about it in this blog post.

In second place, is 'Reasons not to buy from Boofy' where I tackled head on any misconceptions about quality, postage time and shopping independently. Infact, this post was so popular that I wrote a part 2 here: 'Even MORE reasons not to buy from Boofy' these have helped free my inbox up a little bit of questions realting to discount codes, safety, shipping and so on.

In first place is 'Things a primary School Teacher wishes parents knew' where a teacher (who also happens to be my sister) really let it all out and answered very honestly! I suspect this one piqued a lot of interest as no one wants to be 'that' parent!

So there you have it, the most popular Boofy blog posts of 2018. Now I have to try and top all that writing in 2019 with something even more interesting and useful for you.

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