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That thing I want is sold out

A wise person once said that there is no shorter  horror story than 'sold out', and I would have to agree. Whether it be concert tickets, the new Hello Kitty X ASOS collaboration (no I'm not bitter) or light up unicorn slippers. When there is nothing but a greyed out 'add to cart' button the heart sinks.

Boofy is a little venture which comes with it's advantages (quick replies to customer service messages, ace level of quality control, wearing unicorn slippers to work...) but a disadvantage is that we cannot store hundreds of each item in stock at one time. Quite often bestselling products simply sell out faster than we can restock. It's a supply-demand conundrum but we have a few pointers for you.

So, that thing you've gone dreamy-eyed over is out of stock?

Firstly, if an item is sold out and we know that we can't restock it, it will be pulled from the website as soon as possible, this is to avoid browsers falling for a cute onesie, only for dreams to be dashed when it is completely sold out. To minimise shoppers disappointment, we'll do our best to remove the item from the website if we are not restocking. This means, that if you see 'Sold Out' on the website then I am probably scurrying away behind the scenes to get the item back in stock asap. So, rejoice for 'sold out' at Boofy.co.uk really means 'I'll be back soon!'

Secondly, Boofy has a mailing list, and you should be on it. This is not just so that I can send coupon codes and special offers to you (although that is part of the fun) but because big restocks are announced there first. But be warned, once the email goes out, we sell out- the same day.  I'm so delighted that our bestsellers continue to delight our customers, but I wish that there was enough for everyone, so the ping in your inbox is the equivalent to the gunfire at the start of a race.

Thirdly if all the thoughts of speed shopping and panic buying has already got your blood pressure building there is another way... Send me a message using the contact us form or a message on Instagram @boofy.co.uk with the product you're waiting for and in what size and I'll message you personally to let you know as soon as it lands on the website, giving you anything from a 6hour to a 24hour head start to on anyone else on the mailing list- it's almost guaranteed to be yours! *evil witch cackle*

Thanks so much for your support, and believing that these super cute designs are worth waiting for!

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