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Reasons NOT to buy from Boofy

Adorable, affordable - Boofy is the new kid on the block in children's retail and you seem to love the bright, quirky designs that the website has. But if you've never purchased from Boofy before, then you might have some reservations about how the shopping experience will be- which I completely get, as I have similar concerns when I'm shopping somewhere new too! So I've compiled a list to work through some of the initial thoughts that you may be having and I'll do my best to reassure you

'I don't know how good quality it will be in real life'

There's nothing quite like feeling the garment yourself to check the fabric and the seams, to ensure it's not itchy and ensure that it looks as bright and beautiful as the picture. I inspect all Boofy stock myself, directly from the suppliers  to try before I decide to stock. I am extra critical as I'm not just buying on behalf of me, but of all my lovely customers.

I check for all those niggly things:
Machine washable- check
Stretchy and soft- check

I am only interested in showing you pictures of the products as they look, it's in nobodies best interest to have a dazzling bright garment on the website, only for you to be sent something drab and disappointing. Repeat customers keep the Boofy wheel spinning, so my priority is you receiving something that is everything you hoped for.

'My order might take ages to come'

All Boofy orders are dispatched from the UK and sent Royal Mail tracked, no exceptions. Most UK customers receive their orders within 3 days of placing their order.
So, how many Boofy packages have gone missing so far?
0, yes none.... zilch. I'm working extra hard to maintain this record!

'I've never heard of Boofy before'

It's more tempting to buy from a big, familiar brand to put your mind at ease. However small and independent retailers can do magical things that the giant retailers can't, including but not limited to :

  • Super personalised customer service. Boofy is my livelihood so I'll do anything rather than have an unhappy customer.
  • Your emails will be responded to by me, not an anonymous customer service rep, but by somebody who knows the business inside out and remembers your order exactly because I did a happy dance when it came in.
  • Give you the best price. I don't have the same overheads as a high street store, so I don't need to pump up prices to pay shareholders and other costs. You can be sure that I'm giving you the best price that I can.

You might just discover a little gem, a new favourite store, your best kept secret of all your child's adorable clothes (that nobody else will rock up to soft play wearing!)

'It might be inconvenient if there's a problem with my order'

Problems with orders are rare, and not even a weekly occurrence at Boofy, however any problem with your order will result in me offering one of two options, an exchange or refund.
It's as simple as contacting me following receipt of your order. Then I will send you instructions for an exchange or refund, depending on circumstances. I man my emails many more hours than the standard 9-6pm so any issue will be dealt with promptly and I'll refund/exchange/reimburse the day that I receive your order.

'I'm not sure how the sizes are'

I work very hard to ensure all items we stock are at least true to size, I get feedback that some sizes are roomy too. I at all costs try to avoid any sizes 'coming up small' because children already grow too fast to then limit wearability further!
If you'd like exact measurements of something, contact me and I'll be happy to provide them for you, cm by cm.

'I want a discount'

From time to time I might have a discount code, e.g for Black Friday/Cyber Monday - but sometimes I have special secret discounts that are exclusive for mailing list members only. If you'd like to be the first to know, sign up to the mailing list on the homepage. I will send you happy mail from time to time. Be warned, once I've pressed 'send to all' on my mailing list, the favourites on the website are snapped up in a flash!

Please do not hesitate to contact me via the Contact Us form, and in the meantime lets keep in touch via the mailing list!

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