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Not your Regular Choice of kids shoes

As you may have noticed by now, Boofy.co.uk has a love for all things extraordinary, out of this world, not-your-usual, kiddy amazingness. We think that most of the time shops get it quite wrong, but we don't mind because the choice on Boofy.co.uk goes some small way to balance boring childrens clothes in the shops. But sometimes we find someone else who get it really really right and we can't keep amazing gems like that to ourselves so we just have to share it with you!

If you like dressing your little one in Boofy clothes, there's also a good chance that you can appreciate the irresistible-ness of Irregular choice shoes. They've established themselves as queen of kitsch in womens footwear but this Summer have branched into childrens footwear. We have no affiliation with Irregular Choice, but friends don't keep amazing fashion finds to themselves and we think you need to know about these lovely little shoes.

Hippoty-Hop and Bop in these iridescent beauties, glittery hearts, 3D Bunny Ears, they are a delight and a joy for prancing and playing and enchantingly sparkle from every angle.

Bunny Pink Irregular Choice Childrens pumps

As a bonus, we think the cuteness would be enhanced paired with our soft grey leggings with a snow white bunny applique

Grey Bunny Rabbit Leggings


We heart these adorable Heart Face Sandals from Irregular choice. Bows upon hearts upon plaid upon polka dots!

Irregular Choice Childrens Red Heart Face Sandals

We know they'd look extra dreamy paired with our Watermelon sun dress to compliment the beautiful splash of read on the collar, ah a summer time dream!

Girls Watermelon fruit summer dress


Children can gallop around in these beautiful Mini Reins Pumps. It has a polka dot upper, scalloped edges and unicorn embellishments. We especially love the drippy strawberry ice cream appearance on the edge of the sole

Misty Reins Irregular Choice Childrens Unicorn Trainers PumpsContinue the galloping theme with our wonderful stretchy lavender leggings with a ultra cute pony pin! Made from ribbed cotton and perfect for enhancing playtime.

Lavender Pony Leggings


These shoes are the cutest little gems on the block and we think that we have the perfect affordable pieces to enhance all those shiny jewel toned shoes. Irregular choice have a whole range beyond this post and if you're looking for more shoe-eye candy then browse through irregular choice kids section but try your hardest not to get sidetracked by the section with shoes in your size!

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