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My first 1 star review

I must have been feeling very confident one day, I connected my Trustpilot reviews to my Boofy website to automatically prompt customers to write a review. I sat and waited for some nice comments to roll in when one dark, cold evening Trustpilot emailed me to tell me ‘You have received a 1 star review!’

I sat bolt upright and the colour probably drained from my face too. Honestly my first thought was that I am seeing things – I do realise how conceited that now sounds.

As my eyes were not deceiving me, I had to face up to the 1 sentence and 1 star review. A customer (who probably doesn’t follow me on social media) wanted to exchange an item, had tried to contact me multiple times and had gotten no response and were understandably annoyed.

My first thought was that this didn’t sound right, I get to the bottom of my emails more or less every day. I dived headfirst into my spam, junk and social media inboxes but nothing. I wrote several groveling  emails with no reply and so wrote a reply to their review.

After making contact in what I can only describe as effort level: NASA-making-contact-with-other-life-form level
Customer has got their refund and those missing messages they had sent were text messages. This will have to remain a mystery though, as I do not publicise any phone number for customers, so someone at some point has received some very random texts about an exchange and were probably more confused than me.

Anyway, long story short- I have a 1 star review for Boofy and it is my first review for Boofy too (ouch!) and I felt pretty rubbish about it for a few days after but I’ve come to embrace that a 1 star review might just be a right of passage for any shop owner. Customers are definitely entitled to their opinion and I want to hear more of yours, so, if you’re brave enough to shop with Boofy still- I would just love it if you’d write me a review afterwards (because I’m still pretty sure it would be five stars!) I’ve left my Trustpilot link here so if you had a great experience with Boofy please write it down to help other shoppers have trust in Boofys brand.

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