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Can my baby learn a second language?

It's something that we all probably wish that our own parents could have invested into us, language classes, the gift of being bilingual and the security of a guaranteed job for life. There are few hobbies that can provide such substantial long term benefits, way into adulthood. If to compare sports classes to language learning we can clearly say one thing: Not every child can turn a sporting talent into a profession, but absolutely everyone has the ability to become bilingual or even multilingual. Another point to consider is that no multilingual person would say ' I wish I didn't know how to speak French/Mandarin/Japanese'

The reality is that you may not be bilingual yourself, your child may be living in a wholly English speaking household, and that's ok, it's certainly not a barrier to fluency for your baby as many many people overseas have learnt fluent English with neither parents knowing a word. However, we didn't say that it's as easy as dropping little one off to ballet class once a week and returning 45 minutes later to collect them.

When: Your baby can begin to learn a second language, exactly when they begin learning their first one. Children develop language skills extremely rapidly, their brains are like sponges soaking up words and language patterns. Realistically this is between the ages of 2-3.

Casual exposure: Think bilingual babysitters, native cartoons from Youtube, foreign nursery rhymes on Spotify, Language learning Toys such as Language Little Dolls and Leapfrog

Impact on their first language: Even though many people think learning two languages causes speech delays, that is not the case. Your little one might say fewer English words than other kids their age, but if you add in the words that they know in their second language, their total number of words will probably be more than that of their peers.

Which language: Of course there are a lot of factors to determine what is the 'best' language. Could it mean what is the easiest for a native English speaker? The most useful for a particular field or industry? It could even be based on a potential international move that you'd like to take your family on in the future, and would like to give your child a head start, which is not a bad idea. However, if you have no major moving plans, and think 2 years old is too soon to be predicting your childs career moves then year on year Mandarin is considered the best and most useful language to learn. You can read more about how that was decided here.

It is the most spoken language in the world, no surprises there when you consider the population size, but more than that it's importance on the world stage is only set to grow as China and the US battle it out for the worlds largest GDP.

This happens to be good news for Boofy, as we know a thing or two about China and have made no attempt to hide that influence in our clothing ranges. In fact, we have a whole collection that we'd love for you to feel inspired by on a quest for a child hobby that pushes the boarders (pun intended!)

Red Rose Long Sleeve Cheongsam Dress

The Red Rose Long Sleeve Cheongsam £18

An enchanting design incorporating the beautiful elements of a Cheongsam including chinese knot buttons from the neckline to the shoulder, a Mandarin collar and contrast pipe edging. A playful childish edge is added in the pleated skirt design, making it a comfortable fit for your little one. The dress is fully lined with a soft fleece and has a concealed zip fastening at the back for dressing convenience and to avoid those fiddly buttons! The fabric is white with open red roses and vines.


Tang Style Floral PramsuitTang style floral Pramusit £26

Traditional oriental style meets baby comfort and durability in this one of a kind pramsuit. Bold pink rose design, blue edging, traditional Chinese knot button decoration, detachable booties with buttons to attach to the suit, to stop little ones being able to kick them off! Detachable hood with little ears, and butterfly wing ruffles on the shoulders. This is a pramsuit to take you through the seasons from the very coldest to the milder months. The pramsuit is padded and quilted for extra comfort and warmth. Exquisite detail and a remarkable garment.


Modern Style Tang Suit 2 Piece Blue

Tang Style Modern Two-Piece Blue £18.00

Balancing historical design with the durable needs of a modern baby, the tang style two-piece has it all. Iconic Chinese knot buttons, the soft shaped collar and traditional bird decal help give this garment it's character, with elasticated trouser waistband for easy dressing. The two- piece is in a chalky blue colour with white coloured cuffs.

Pretty Bow Pink Cheongsam

Pretty Bow Pink Cheongsam£12

The classic Cheongsam dress is given a modern twist with this fun bow print, and bright pink detailing. The lightweight, soft cotton will keep your little one cool and comfortable . Pink Chinese knot buttons are decorative, a much less fiddly zip fastening is on the back of the dress. The cap sleeves, mandarin collar and pink edging give the dress it's unmistakable oriental flair. 

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