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How to hear about restocks on Boofy before anyone else

If  you follow Boofy on social media (which I would recommend as I am there daily!) Then you'll know that the Spring collection is on the way, along with a major restock of some sold out favourites.

The beginning of a new collection is a really exciting time for any retailer, and frankly, I love having fresh stock to look at and write about.

But here is the clincher with small businesses, the amount of stock that we have available is limited. This is usually because we do not have a large storage space, or a warehouse, like Mothercare for example to keep it all in. Also, because we do not have a large budget to buy as many quantities as we might like to, even though we know that people want to buy these adorable designs.

In amongst the fun of a new collection, what usually happens on the first day of launch (particularly after I've put it on social media) there are always a few frustrated shoppers who have missed out either by having their item snatched from their cart, or because they were a little bit late to the party, and that thing they had their eye on... probably a Rainbow Roar Lion sweater!... has already sold out.

Not only is speed important, but knowing when it's time to shop is the most important part of all.

So, how do you hear first about restocks? How to Skip the queue, leap over the fumbling latecomers and dash out with the vritual cart and a very smug smile?

Sign up to the email list on the homepage of Boofy.co.uk

Did you notice that pop up box when you arrived on the website? Fill it in with your email and first name and that's it, sorted.

I am not pestering you to sign up to receive Boofy emails because I want to email you a load of junk week in and week out. On average, I send one email a month to Boofy email sign-ups. Here's the crux, email subscribers get the information first. Before I post about it on Instagram, before I put it on Facebook. Email list subscribers get a several hour head start to pretty much guarantee those who really want something can grab it. I have tried a few ways to stagger announcing restocks and delivering the news first to email sign ups continues to be the fairest way. 

Here's a little look at some of the styles that will be landing for the first time, and some that are coming back after a long hiatus. If you don't want to miss out, sign up to the email newsletter to be notified.

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