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How to get your child to eat more fruit

Fruit Stall display

Fruit Fruit, wonderful fruit. As a wise lady named Marge Simpson once referred to it as 'Nature's Candy' and we agree.  Now that Summer is upon us, the sweetest and juiciest plums, berries, peaches and citrus fruits adorn the shelves like jewels in a rainbow crown.

Fruit shopping array

Unfortunately, it can be a bit more difficult for your little one to feel the same enthusiasm and highly disappointing when that £3 punnet of berries ends up mostly mushed up on the floor, so we have scoured the Pinterenet (Pinterest fans rejoice), looked high and low, and picked the best looking ways for kids to eat fruit that are virtually no effort you will love too!

Easy Peasy (Lemon Squeezy)

Image result for rainbow fruit skewers

Rainbow fruit skewers, not revolutionary, not something you've never seen before. But my goodness they are easy, and if you don't have any skewers to hand, you can arrange them on the plate in a half circle formation to look like an actual rainbow and they'll delight your little one all the same.


Blueberry & Watermelon star fruit wands

Wizard, or Witch or Princess or Fairy (you get the idea) fruit skewers. Yes, this is ultimately still fruit on a stick and the sticks are non negotiable for this one, but requires buying much less types of fruit. Thread the blueberries, slice the watermelon, use an old cookie/biscuit cutter to get that star shape (or freehand with a sharp knife if you can) and wallah! In a magical instant these fruit wands will disappear before your very eyes and into little mouths, we promise.

Do-able if your child is sleeping

 Chocoalte dipped fruit cones

Chocolate dipped fruit cones. Grab an assortment of whatever fruits you can. Dip the edge of the cone in melted chocolate (if you'd like) and roll in sprinkles/nuts/coconut shavings/goji berries/ nothing at all, leave to set in the fridge, then just cram the middle with as much fruit as you can! The great combination of cones which children naturally associate with treats and parties will encourage them to work their way through the fruit.


Banana Ice Pops

Slice the banana and slide onto the lollipop stick (not all the way through the banana and out the other end, about half way into the banana slice should be enough). Dip in melted chocolate, or if chocolate is a no-no then why not dip in some peanut butter? Lay on a tray and freeze for a few hours to give them some added stability and more of a summer treat feeling!

P.S Fruit dipped in chocolate doesn't need to end there, and needn't be only for children. Take a look at this very grown up fruit array of chocolate dipped loveliness. It's really all in the slicing that makes the spread look more elaborate than it really is. And you thought all those novelty biscuit cutters were just clogging up space in the cutlery drawer!

  Chocolate dipped fruit array

Feeling crafty?

Rainbow Ice Pops

Traffic light ice pops. For this one there is a recipe of sorts as it's slightly less self explanatory:

Mash 2 kiwis into pulp and push them to the bottom of an ice lolly mould (so that they fill about 1/3 of the tray)

Place an ice lolly stick in the middle (you should have an abundance of sticks as per the previous recipe ideas) and put in the freezer

Mash up 100g of raspberries (or strawberries, or any berry) with a potato masher, a fork or your own bare hands if you will. Once the kiwi layer is frozen, add the raspberry to the ice lolly mould, so that 2/3 is full and return to the freezer

Once the red layer is also frozen, top up with some orange or mango juice and let it freeze for a few more hours, or even better if overnight.

P.S If you don't mind cleaning red berry stains off your walls for the next week, you could even encourage a little person to help you make these.


Tropical Fruit art

If you are looking to really show off and have a child old enough to appreciate your artistic fruit flair (we think 5 and over would know fruit art when they see it) then try your hand at this.

One banana sliced length ways to create two trunks for the palm trees. Chop the banana up so that you can position it to curve just right.

Peel one satsuma/orange/clementine/ whatever you have to create a little sandy shore.

Peel and slice two kiwis length ways and arrange on top of the banana trunks to create the palm leaves.


If all else fails, we have some highly instagrammable fruit themed outfits that will at least make others think that your little darling is getting much much more than 5-a-day!

Take a look:

Girls Watermelon fruit summer dress

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Green Pear Baby sleepsuit

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