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Gender Prediction Kits: Silly or Science?

Whether you just cannot wait for the 21 week scan or in the scan you'd wanted a surprise, but now the anticipation is driving you mad. Amazon might just have the solution for you in it's vast array of gender prediction kits. All kits require a sample of one fluid or another, but it remains to be seen if any of the tests are accurate and based on science. Today we are investigating some of the most popular gender prediction kits to conclude if the predictions are accurate or not!

The most inexpensive type of gender prediction kit uses urine to check for the presence of testosterone, the male hormone, as early as 10 weeks. Urinate into a plastic cup or container included in the kit and within 10 minutes, a mix of chemicals (manufacturers won't say which one pending patent approval) causes it to change color.

Momma Bear Gender Precition Kit

The problem is, the concept doesn't make scientific sense. "There are no sex hormones in urine that change color at this stage of pregnancy and prove one way or another the sex of the baby," says Daniel A. Potter, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist

Reviews for this kit include the following quotes:
"Added plain water to a left over test and got told I was having a girl..."

"I bought 2 gender reveal kits and both turned to be a BOY.
But the ultrasound revealed I'm expecting a baby GIRL!!!

You can read more entertaining reviews here

GENDERmaker prediction kit follows a similar method as it uses urine samples of the pregnant mother to determine the gender of the baby. This kit also comes with similar success stories including "It has a disclaimer written that it's just for fun. It was wrong for me. It said I was having a girl and I'm having a boy"

There's plenty more being said about GENDERmaker here

The other type of kit sold in the UK today uses a blood sample to determine gender. A simple blood test can accurately detect fetal DNA in a mother's blood, including pinpointing the sex of an unborn child as early as 7 weeks. But there is a big difference between quality-controlled studies in state-of-the-art laboratories and those that can be done at home.There's also no way to validate a company's results since they refuse to release information that can be verified by independent sources.

SneakPeek has considerably more reviews and a higher proportion of those that are positive, possibly because although more expensive, it does lend itself more to the scientific method already outlined. The disadvantage is that the blood sample must be sent off to the lab to test.

Here are some more detailed reviews:

"The test requires you to fill a micro-centrifuge tube with about 1.0 ml of blood. that's a lot of blood to draw from a skin prick that drips small drops, one-at-a-time. I had to prick 3 different fingers, and squeeze and pump each finger like i'm milking a cow. i needed to do this for over 30 mins to accumulate the 1.0 ml. A few days later, my result came back "inconclusive." the customer service was great and they immediately offered to send a replacement test for free."

"Test was wrong do not buy baby clothes and paint the nursery based on the results of this test"

While manufacturers warn parents not to "paint the nursery" or make any serious decisions based on test results, the fact that these kits are sold at reputable retail outlets legitimizes them. "Frankly, you might as well tie a string around a gold ring, hold it over your belly and see which way it turns."

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