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Focus on fastenings: Chinese knot buttons

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When you think of knots you might think of combing through hair, detangling a skipping rope or tying little ones shoelaces. At Boofy we love finding unique and adorable baby clothes that incorporate knots into the clothing design. Chinese knots are rich in symbolic meaning and were historically used to express feelings, record numbers and to send messages before people had learned to write! But without buttons and zippers, the first Chinese garments were fastened with knots, nowadays, silk is mostly used to make Chinese knot buttons on traditional style garments.

To make a Chinese knot button is a skill in itself, but the result is much simpler, a button that functions in the same way as a hook and eye fastening, poking one loop through the hole.

Not only are Chinese knot buttons more beautiful than modern day fastenings such as zips and poppers, but they make more practical sense. Unlike plastic buttons, Chinese knot buttons don't 'pop off', they can't get caught up and stuck like zips and they won't rust like some cheap poppers.

For these reasons and many more, we get very excited at Boofy.co.uk when we find a great product that includes this unusual fastening as it's guaranteed to give an interesting focal point, add a flair of originality and a decorative softness.

We know that you won't find Chinese knot buttons on the high street, and that just makes us love them even more. Embrace the Chinese knot button and enjoy our handpicked selection of garments incorporating this beautiful fastening. Shop the full collection including all the garments with Chinese knot buttons shown here


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