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Even MORE reasons NOT to buy from Boofy

When most people visit Boofy, they might click around, perhaps something catches their eye but it could be just a split second thought that prevents a person from buying.  Maybe it's as simple as what they wanted is not in stock, or maybe it's a gut feeling telling them not to buy right now. Maybe their mind is telling them one of the following reasons NOT to shop at Boofy today:

'I don't know who you are'
We don't need to go all Liam Neeson on this post but I get your point. You want to buy from a person who you feel that you know. So, to look at that another way, who is Amazon? Well, you probably buy from them, but Amazon isn't a person at all. It's a lot of people, including shareholders, strangers, people with other interests. Boofy is a one woman show, I am the person running it and I am in the picture below. You talk to me when you shop with Boofy. I could be your neighbour, friend or colleague. I'm working round the clock because I really love building Boofy. You can get to know me better over on Instagram, I'm there every day getting to know you too. Is Amazon doing that?

'I want free shipping'
Nothing pains me more than paying for shipping too. I can abandon an overflowing shopping cart just because of the cost of shipping added at checkout. The good news is that all UK customers receive free tracked shipping on orders of £15+. Why don't I offer this for orders under £15? Because then I would be selling at a loss which is going to hurt the future of Boofy.

'I'd rather give my money to a brand that I trust to be safe'
Boofy is hosted on a platform called Shopify, Shopify hosts many online stores, big and small. It's the safest place to shop online for one really simple reason: If Shopify mess up on safety, we, the shops, would go elsewhere to host our stores. Their platform literally depends on taking safety incredibly seriously. Still have some doubts? Check out with Paypal, they have got you covered, any issues with your order then you know that you can open a dispute with Paypal, to get a refund- this is true for all Paypal transactions with any store.

'I want a discount'
There's nothing quite like the thrill of entering a discount code at checkout and it working! Watching those pounds rolls off your subtotal is a dream. Sign up to the mailing list either through the automatic pop-up window on Boofys Homepage, or by scrolling to the bottom of the homepage to input your email in the box. I email out discount codes every so often. However, Boofy is not a sofa superstore, so I don't have sales and discounts all the time and you may be waiting a while.

Have I missed your reason?

It might be the following:

'I don't know how good quality it will be in real life'

'My order might take ages to come'

'I've never heard of Boofy before'

'It might be inconvenient if there's a problem with my order'

'I'm not sure how the sizes are'

You'll want to read my first blog post on the topic here which tells you the answers to all of these reasons.

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