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Clothes that grow with your child

Waste not want not is the motto of my grandmother, and there is something seemingly wasteful about the amount of clothes that children grow through in their first year of life, and once the smaller sizes can't be worn any longer, they become useless, and sad though it is for us and the planet it was a problem that seemingly couldn't be helped, that is until we stumbled across a company called Petit Pil. Their slick and hypnotising video  of stretching children clothes as though they are made from bubblegum into new sizes had us entranced... is this real? Is this fabric alive? Let watch the video and you'll know what we mean.

We love that Petit Pil came from a similar place as Boofy, as the founder, Ryan Mario, found children's clothes dull. We're glad he said it! Because it really doesn't have to be this way!

Petit Pil garments are still in the development stage and once they are in production, they plan for various colours and prints.

The initial range of Petit Pil garments are designed as durable outwear, so your little one would still need pieces to wear underneath. The goal of this clothing is not just cost effectiveness and quality, but also as a way of reducing waste, combining technology and fashion and encouraging children to explore in all weather.

We are eagerly awaiting the Petit Pil range to come onto the market, such innovation has drawn a lot of well earned attention. Game changers in children's retail makes us fizzy with glee and we are excited to learn what more can be done aesthetically to truly strike the balance between style and substance by Petit Pil.

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