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Can you declutter when you have children?

Baby toys on a shelf

You may or may not have heard of Marie Kondo, Japanese organising consultant and also our Spring Cleaning hero. She has written 4 books on the matter of tidying up including the best seller, yes a best seller about tidying called 'The Magic of Tidying Up'.

Being mostly sceptical, but also madly intrigued with some of the Hoo-Hah techniques we'd heard of ( such as texting your own phone to thank it for it's service to you...), we found that we first of all couldn't put the book down, and secondly, were willing to make ourselves look possibly extremely odd by recommending a book about tidying to others.

Now you've been given some context, lets forget the book for now and tackle the never ending cycle of trying to declutter or live somewhat minimally with children. Can it be done?

Marie Kondo says yes and this is how:

-Tidy all at once, and in 'the right' order, which is apparently
                  1. Clothes
                  2. Books
                  3. Toys
                  4. Documents
                  5. Miscellaneous

If you tidy room by room instead, you will spend the rest of your life tidying!

 Puzzle pieces

-Tidying should be something that the whole family does together with each person responsible for their own things.

Colour toy figures

- For the things that you do not keep, make sure that your children thank it for the pleasure that it's brought to their lives (it sounds strange, but try it) remind them that it's fulfilled it's purpose for them, and it may be given a chance to bring another person joy.

Child playing with lego

-Do not decide what to get rid of, only decide on what to keep

- Only keep items which 'spark joy', children as young as 3 years old can decide what brings them joy.

Child playing with toy

-Regarding school work and projects, these fall under the 'miscellaneous' category, are sentimental and should be organised last. Your children should keep the projects that continue to spark joy in them, no matter what anybody else would think.

 Child painting

-Avoid any and all junk drawers for craft supplies. Keep them easily accessible and organised (such as in separate pencil pots for crayons, pencils, pens etc.) The more accessible they are, the more encouraged your child will be to create.

Organised coloured pencils

- Categorise belongings and keep them in a fixed position in your house, it's a waste of time to search for things on busy mornings

Lego heads

- Books should be displayed in a 'hall of fame' for the most treasured books. When we are overloaded with books, your childs ability to receive and appreciate new books is dulled.

Stack of childrens books

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