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Alternatives to giving a child a chocolate Easter Egg (that they'll love more!)



Tired of giving chocolate Easter Eggs? Looking for an alternative to all that sugar? At Boofy.co.uk nothing is better to us than thinking outside of the box. So we are quite frankly thrilled by all the new and imaginative ways companies are responding to egg-giving at Easter.

Does it have to be all chocolate all the time ? Thankfully retailers have begun shaking their heads and saying 'no' to rows of foil covered chocolate eggs and instead opting for creative alternatives that don't dent the purse.

Some people may be getting a little tetchy about letting go of the classic and default chocolate egg giving-and-receiving so we'll summarise why we're asking you to try going chocolate egg free for the children in your life this Easter:

  • Food allergies and dietary requirements are more prominent now than ever before, with better diagnoses and more health awareness that we need to be careful about our daily sugar intake. Chocolate eggs can leave you in a gluten/nut/soy/dairy landmine wondering just what is healthy anymore and if cacoa nib chocolate eggs could possibly be as delicious (surprise surprise, they're not).

  • We are sure that it's quite possibly the most certain fact of Easter, children will get too many eggs, it's unavoidable. Blame the Easter bunny! It's also a known fact that the Tooth Fairy is much busier at this time of year and we think that there is a correlation... If you give an egg to a child, it's one egg in a mountain for them.
  • The packaging for Easter eggs is renowned for being excessive and non biodegradable, so while you fill your tummy, the landfill gets it's fill too. There must be a guilt free way!

  • Who loves rushing to the supermarket for the most sought after character eggs and panicking while having to settle for second best ? (Polly Pig is just as good isn't it? If not better than the original!) No more being tricked into those 'special deals' that leave you doing mathematics-gymnastics calculating which egg for which child, and making sure siblings eggs are not identical yet have equal chocolate weight- whew- it's making us sweat just to think about it.
  • There's something very predictable about giving and receiving chocolate Easter eggs. You or your little one will receive them even if you seize the chance to be creative and give alternatives. Original enthusiasts among us (which is you, as you are on Boofy.co.uk) will want to give something that will not only create a lasting impression, but will last long after Easter Sunday too!

Instead, delight and enchant parents and little ones with our top alternatives to Easter eggs:

    1. Easter crackers! Adorable pack of crackers, in the shape of bunny rabbits and white lambs and finished with a bow! Inside each one are gifts such as keyrings, yoyos, hats and of course the classic 'snap bang!' With 6 crackers in a box and £5 per box from Sainsbury's, there's enough here to keep a whole bundle of children entertained ! Click the picture to purchase the crackers.

      Easter Holiday Fun crackers from Sainsburys

    2. This is no ordinary box of eggs. Open it up to reveal rainbow and garish coloured eggs that are scented like chocolate and vanilla! Don't worry, these aren't for frying or scrambling, they're erasers with inbuilt 3D puzzle challenges. A fun, quiet and portable treat for little hands. Available from Smiggle for £5- Click the picture to buy!
      Smiggle Easter Egg erasers

    3. All children know that the Easter Bunny loves Carrots! Fill these containers or bags with knick-knacks and little treats such as bubble mix! Very simple and looks both heartfelt and creative whilst requiring less effort than deciding which egg to get little one and will mean more than an unsurprising Easter egg. Click the pictures for more details

      Bunny, Carrot, and Chick - Plastic Shaped Fillable Easter Egg Containers -Pink -9 Ct./pack by Greenbrier

    4. For something a little softer, while still embracing the carrot theme, this adorable soft rabbit in a little zip carrot pouch is nothing less than adorable, at just £5.99 and with amazing reviews, you can order yours for £5.99 by clicking on the picture
      Rabbit in a Carrot by Teddykompaniet
    5. Visit our Easter range here at Boofy.co.uk . Pick up a pair of little bunny rabbit leggings, a soft bunny gilet or a pretty little top. These products have been given the Boofy seal of approval and they are adorable! Not only do they delight little ones, but make little ones look delightful! Click the picture to browse our collection

      Boofy.co.uk Baby clothes Easter collection

Whether Easter to you is social or spiritual we know that chocolate eggs stunt an opportunity to give something meaningful, and we are glad that you know it too !

Happy Easter from Boofy.co.uk !



Easter bunny sat in the grass


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